Group Benefits

Keeping good employees is good for your business. One of the ways to do so is by providing group benefits for your team. The rising cost of health care is a concern as our workforce ages and a company that mitigates some of that concern by providing a benefit package will attract and retain better, committed employees.

Employee benefit packages can be tailored to suit your company requirements, staff size and budgets.

The cost is based on the number and age of those participating and what type of employee benefits you wish to cover.

Benefits for single participants or families can include:

Chamber of Commerce Group Benefits

Whether your company has 50 employees or just you, the Chamber Plan may be a perfect fit. More than 35,000 business owners in Canada have selected the Chamber Plan as their employee group benefit plan.

The Plan offers comprehensive coverage for medical, dental, long-term care, and life insurance at affordable rates. Designed for Canadian small business, its fees are among the most stable in the industry.

Learn why the right benefits are the key to retaining quality employees.

Additionally, the Plan offers Business Assistance Service to help you deal with business situations with which you may not be familiar. The business consulting service is included with your Chamber Plan as an additional benefit.

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Custom Benefit Design

Today, many of the best employees are looking for more than wages. Value-added employee benefit packages can help attract and retain quality workers for your company. Designing a package that is effective and affordable for you and your employees requires the knowledge and experience that Jack Insurance can provide.

The first step in choosing the right benefit package is choosing the right agent. An agent that is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients can be a tremendous asset in finding the right balance of benefits and costs for your company. Personal service by a Victoria-based agent is a must.

Benefits for single participants or families can include:

For more information, please fill out our Employee Data Worksheet.


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